Q: How do I submit to perform at the next Brooklyn Comedy Festival?

A: Sign up for the Brooklyn Comedy Festival mailing list HERE and be sure to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook for info on how to submit to perform at the Brooklyn Comedy Festival. Submissions generally open around February and close around April.

Q: Can my weekly/monthly comedy show in Brooklyn be a part of the Brooklyn Comedy Festival?

A: The cornerstone of the Brooklyn comedy scene is the fun, inventive shows that are taking place throughout the borough on a nightly basis. We definitely want to highlight a variety of shows during the festival, but we are limited in the amount we can incorporate. Send us an invitation using the contact form on our website or send us an email at info@bkcomedyfestival.com and we will do our best to check out your show!

Q: What genres of comedy does the Brooklyn Comedy Festival feature?

A: ALL OF THEM! Standup, sketch, duo, improv, musical comedy, character, storytelling, podcasts, web series…

Q: How can I apply to work for or intern at the Brooklyn Comedy Festival?

A: We are currently not hiring employees, but if you are interested in a Brooklyn Comedy Festival internship please email us at info@bkcomedyfestival.com!